About us

It all started in England in 1977. I was studying English and staying with relatives who were just starting in dogs. I used to help my aunt Berit Forsman, later of Beacytan kennels,
to trim and show her first Airedales and Dobermans.



To learn more about trimming and handling I went to the famous Jokyl kennels where I could also gain experience about all aspects of kennel management. My 3,5 years at Jokyl were happy times and I’m forever grateful to Olive Jackson and in particular
Mary Swash for invaluable help and mentoring.


 People and animals from the kennels and stables Frensham Manor 1980


I had the opportunity to know top-class Airedales and see quality dogs from puppy- to adult-hood. In 1982 I had my first own airedale Jokyl Hot Lips. She was to become an
and International champion and Top Airedale in Sweden 1984.


I have always enjoyed trimming and handling dogs of various breeds. My interest has led to an FCI judging license. I’m also an officer of MH and MT,the Swedish character tests, and a trained ring steward. I find many aspects of the dog world fascinating and try to learn as much as I can.


We breed the occasional litter and sometimes have home-reared puppies for sale.

We aim to breed healthy, happy Airedales and strive to follow the recommendations put down

by our breed club AiredaleTerrier Gillet.

My family live in Knivsta north of Stockholm in a house built 1932. It used to be a garage and petrol station and also contains a forge . This is perfect as we also like vintage cars and mopeds. Sometimes it looks like this in our yard: